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Jason Statham has become a favorite actor of mine since his roles within Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Now I know everybody in the physical fitness industry gawked over the form of Brad Pitt in Snatch, but it is now the Statham look that men are seeking. Statham is rarely too ripped, but chiseled and strong while taking care of the powerful look. It just isn’t a good deal surprising considering his exercise program. You will see that Jason trains for strength and capacity to achieve his look.

It’s been over a decade since he made his silver screen debut, and consequently keeping great shape becomes all the more challenging. Jason generally seems to take on roles where he is forced to stay in great shape, so getting his body ready is not new. While he is a workout nut, he still wants to enjoy ordinary meals similar to most men, and he  isn’t one to turn down a pint. When he’s priming himself for the silver screen it is just a different story.

Jason Statham Workout Plan For the Mechanic
Jason’s trainer Logan Hood sat along with Men’s Health Magazine to go over how hard Jason is proven to work. There is apparently a misconception out there that celebs get the best food, supplements, and trainers, but make no mistake they work their butts off.

Practical Training and High Intensity Training
While variety is very important, having a foundation is usually a good thing. Jason wants to have a few central moves or even lifts that may regularly make an appearance in his training schedule. His favorite is the dead lift. This is a great back exercise but the action involving performing a dead lift utilizes so many muscles building a total body exercise. He performs full-scale just one rep maximum for dead lifts on a regular basis. The activity is actually shown to activate growth hormone secretion which further aids you to maximize muscule mass.

His second favorite workout is the pull up, chin up whatever you wish to call it. The difference is Jason likes to execute these with gymnastics rings. This helps make the move a lot more tricky and again causes the entire body to recruit more muscles rendering it an incredible total body move.

In addition to these lifts Jason loves to complete high intensity interval training. Most of the time with little rest concerning sets.

Become unpredictable
Making sure your current regimen is actually changing is paramount to success. Not only are you more motivated to continue a plan which includes variety, you will get better results. Once a body gets familiar with a set routine it can be difficult to make gains in any direction (shedding fat or gaining muscle). Logan Hood lays out Jason Statham’s program, however exercises extreme caution in case you are trying to do this yourself. Keep in mind that Jason is under the supervision of great trainers and he is at amazing shape to start.

Jason Statham Workout Routine:  Basic Structure of Jason’s Weekly Plan

Day 1: Hard bodyweight warm up/Strength Training one exercise (dead lifts squats)
Day 2: Static Hold warm-up circuit (planks, L sit’s etc…) Interval training workouts lasting only twenty or so minutes (with weights)
Day 3: Sprint Training (High Intensity Intervals – 3 minutes of Rest between sprints)
Day 4: 5 lifts with five set and 5 Reps Each
Day five: Interval training again, followed by ladder strategy of press ups or pullups

Day 1:
Warm-up one – ten mins Rowing Machine at moderate intensity

Warm-up 2 – pyramid body weight routine complete one repetition for each and every exercise, then complete the cycle once again carrying out to two repetitions, then again for 3 reps, until you get to five repetitions, then count go into reverse to one rep. You can perform this with virtually any body mass exercise like bodyweight squats, press ups, burpies, pull-ups etc.

Muscle Building
Exclusively Dead lifts 9 sets together with the following structure.
ten reps at 50% of just one Rep Max
5 reps at 60% of a single Rep Max
3 reps at 75% of just one Rep Max
2 reps at 80% of 1 Rep Max
1 rep at 85% of 1 Rep Max
one repetition at 90% of just one Rep Max
one repetition at 95% of 1 Rep Max
1 Rep at 100% of just one Rep Max

Cool Off

Trampoline Leaps!
Jason makes use of this time to accomplish free style leaps, however the average person could simply leap with moderate intensity and have fun with it.